Slot Game Set In The Jurassic Period


Play the Dawn of the Dinosaurs slot machine online and see if you can outrun the T-Rex and make it through the prehistoric era. Venture forth into the foreign landscape, where fierce raptors, triceratops, and the original ruler of the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurs rex, await you. You need to travel through this slot as stealthily as possible, as the dinosaurs are actively hunting and won’t stop until they find a meal.

Graphically and sonically, the Dawn of the Dinosaurs video slot is second to none. To get the fantastic free spin bonus, you must collect lava rocks from the rumbling volcano. The Raptor Challenge is a bonus game that involves three rounds of intense dinosaur warfare and may be played instead.


There are 25 wagering lines in this five-reel, 25-payline video slot game.

Massive bonus scales are unlocked by the prehistoric specialities.

Symbols and icons

The velociraptor, triceratops, T. rex teeth, and the dinosaur eye Wild are all used as icons.

Play for free

A multicolored lava rock serves as the free spins icon in this slot machine game. The volcano will gather any lava rocks that fall on Reel 3. In order to activate the next free games, you must deposit four lava rocks into the volcano.

All winnings multiplied by 2 for 6 free spins or

0x12 Multiplier Free Games


In Dawn of the Dinosaurs, the Wild emblem is an actual dinosaur eye. Aside from the lava rock and the bonus symbol, the Wild can replace any other icon in the game. By itself, wilds provide little monetarily.

Bonus Round: Raptor Clash

This bonus slot game is a fierce battle between your raptor and another fierce beast. If you get three bonus symbols in any position on the reels, you’ll enter the bonus round. Once engaged, you’ll take charge of the left-hand raptor dinosaur and engage in a three-round fight against the right-hand T. rex.

Each round is played by selecting one of three buttons; these buttons each offer a distinct attack, with the attacks also yielding various rewards. Make sure to keep an eye on that health indicator! In the event that it completely decreases before the completion of the third round, the bonus game will automatically stop.


When many identical symbols appear on a single active payline (from left to right), the player is rewarded.

Except for bonus winnings, which are multiplied by the entire wager, all other wins are multiplied by the stake per line.

For each active payline, only the greatest win will be awarded the prize.

All of your wins from various paylines will be totalled up.

When there is a glitch, all bets are null and void.

The Lava rock acts as a scatter in this game.

The wager for Free Spins is the same as that in the round that triggered them.

On the Go

All mobile play must adhere to the same regulations.

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